STARS-894 Although she is considered unapproachable as a high-class woman, she is actually a submissive girlfriend – Rei Kamiki

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STARS-894 – Girlfriend’s perverted face that only I know. K-san, who has a reputation for being beautiful in the company, and a secret office love. It is thought that it is difficult to get close to her because she is a tall flower, but in reality, she is a super-masochistic girlfriend who will respond to erotic requests anytime, anywhere. Rei Kamiki

Rei, who works for an advertising agency, tends to get the impression that she is “prideful” because she is beautiful and not very good at talking to people. Uruha and I secretly have an office romance. It’s often misunderstood, but Rei is a tsundere type who can be spoiled if she forgives her heart. Moreover, she was a doskebe girlfriend who would go out with any pervert play if I asked.

STARS-894 Rei Kamiki
STARS-894 Rei Kamiki
STARS-894 Rei Kamiki

女優: 神木麗

[STARS-894] 俺しか知らないカノジョの変態な素顔。社内で美人と評判のKサンと秘密のオフィスラブ。高嶺の花で近寄りづらいと思われてるけど、実は求められたらいつでもどこでもエロいリクエストに応えてくれるドMカノジョです。 神木麗


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